Killington Elementary School (formerly Sherburne Elementary School) is a K-6 grade public school located in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountain Range.  A private preschool for 3 and 4 year olds is housed on the premises.


At Killington Elementary School, it is our mission to provide a caring environment with a strong support system and high academic standards to successfully educate the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.


We, the faculty, administrators, support staff, and school directors of Killington Elementary School (KES), form a cohesive and collaborative learning community designed to educate the whole child. We strive to provide an educational environment that supports each child’s development of a positive sense of self and high academic standards. We promote the integration of family, school, and community to encourage each child to meet his/her potential.



 Killington Elementary School, 686 Schoolhouse Road, Killington, Vermont  05751

 Tel: 802-422-3366       Fax: 802-422-3367

Welcoming A New Era
The 3 person local Killington School Board of Direc tors, which has served our community so well,
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Kody Gets Hooked - Don't Take the Bait!
Not about fishing,
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Heartfelt Thank Yous!
Many thanks to all who attended the KEEPERS events,
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