2nd Grade


Second grade students are engaged in observing a painted lady caterpillar as it emerges from its chrysalis.


           Welcome to second grade!  This is an exciting year.  Students are learning to be responsible, respectful and safe as they engage in new learning opportunities. In second grade we explore habitats, observe caterpillars and butterflies, role play a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, perform a Thanksgiving Holiday Play, investigate the properties of matter, and experiment with plants.  As the year goes on and we begin a new unit, I will send notices to help maintain the home school connection.

            Units of study are as follows:

SOCIAL STUDIES: Communities-  Students develop an understanding of how people live, work and interact within their communities. 

SCIENCE: The Habitat and Life Cycle of Butterflies- Students observe, record data, ask questions, make predictions and develop an understanding of the butterfly’s life cycle and its habitat. 

WRITING: Reports-  Students engage in writing that is content driven.  They write about communities, caterpillars and butterflies while developing the skills needed to write a report (introduction, focus, details, and a conclusion).  Second graders also keep a personal journal in which they write about topics of their choice. 

MATH: Our first unit of study is Counting, Coins and Combinations.  In this unit students count money, record and tell time to the hour, make combinations of ten and work with a variety of problem solving situations.  Letters will be sent home explaining more about the math concepts and how you can support your child at home.

If you have any questions, you can reach me, Mrs. Laird, at school (422-3366), by email (llaird@wcsu.net), or in person between 3:00 and 3: 30pm after school. 


Thanksgiving Program by Second Graders

Pilgrims from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.


The following digital books were written and created by second grade students. The books show the development of their thinking about what matter is, and how it can change, and how some changes can be reversed, and others cannot. The iPad app they used is called BookCreator.  The final book was then exported to Vimeo.

Matter by K & S from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Matter by L, L, & J from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Matter by A & S from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Matter by L & K from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Matter by M & Q from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Brilliant Brains from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Students observe caterpillars as they change to butterflies in the classroom.
KES Hoots with VINS
The students in first and second grade learned about owls. They dressed as owls, read an owl story and made an owl book. This special day ended with a visit from VINS. The students were able to see two live owls and a hawk. They were able to compare a
Second grade students write throughout the curriculum.