3rd Grade


The third grade classroom is a busy place.

     Students at Killington Elementary School come into third grade as capable, enthusiastic, and willing workers.  Third graders grow emotionally, physically, and academically in a big way during this particular school year.  They learn to take notes, observe, study, form opinions, support ideas, and become aware of differences in peoples’ points of view.

      The reading program supports the third grade science and social studies curriculum. Here they not only learn cultural and scientific facts but they also learn to think and form opinions about these cultures and events.  Each book ends with a thoughtful project revolving around art, music, movement, and creative expression.

     Our Language Arts program is rich and follows the criteria for good writing in the Vermont Frameworks.  Third graders learn to organize their writing using topic sentences, focus statements, statements of facts from texts, and draw appropriate conclusions. They practice writing leads, dialogue, description, similes, and “Aha conclusions."

     We use the Investigation Math Program that helps children really understand numbers and operations.  Third graders study subtraction, multiplication, fractions, geometry, algebra, and more.  We have many grade level exit skills to master and we work hard all year to accomplish this. We believe that children should learn to solve problems using a multiple of strategies and they should have the opportunity to use manipulatives which help them receive a concrete understanding of each mathematical concept.

      The teachers at KES work closely together to support each other as we plan curriculum, lessons, and activities that will help each of our students grow in positive ways .
Our new class website is still under construction https://sites.google.com/a/wcsu.net/kes-third-grade/