5th Grade

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The purpose of our 5th grade website is to keep both students and parents updated on our classroom happenings, homework, subject notes, important dates, information, and websites.

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Reading: Students read new and challenging books in multiple genres independently, in various reading groups, and in literature circles. Students become critical readers through predicting and discussing plot points. 


Social Studies: Students study the history of America from the Age of Exploration up until Reconstruction. Students discover history through debates, research projects, webquests, and visits to such historical sites as the Calvin Coolidge Homestead, Fort Ticonderoga, and the city of Boston.


Science: Students learn about Life and Physical Sciences through various hands-on activities such as making their own simple machines and constructing electrical circuits. Our year culminates with the students' Science Fair and a trip to the Boston Science Museum.


Language Arts: Students use the writing process to compose and publish such writing pieces as narratives, persuasive essays, responses to literature, procedures, and reports. Students' reports are often interdisciplinary or incorporated with Science and Social Studies.


Spelling: Students have the opportunity to join the Spelling Team and participate in WCSU's Annual Spelling Competition.


Black History Month
Click here for links to wonderful websites- you can use these for your individual research, too.
Calvin Coolidge Website
Students can visit these links to complete their webquest on Calvin Coolidge.
Ecosystems of the World
Click on this link to visit great geography websites
Great Websites for Research on History and Cultures
Includes links to sites on Egypt and other ancient civilizations
Insect Webquest
This site includes information about helpful and harmful insects.
Isometric designs website
This is the link for the 6th grade math activitiy.
Maya and Aztec Webquest
With your partner, visit the following sites and take notes in your research binder. You also need to save at least 4 pictures for use in your Power Point Presentation.
New Zealand Webquest
Click here for links about New Zealand
Road Trip!
These links will help you determine possible destinations for your road trip across America.
Triangles In Architecture
In order to complete your project and devise the strongest possible structure to hold your baseball, visit these sites to gather ideas.
Vermont Geography Textbook Online!
Includes Powerpoints and information of our geologic and geographic history, information on Fort Ticonderoga, and much more.
Westward Expansion- Station 5
Using the book and the websites below, describe the physical features Lewis and Clark encountered.