"A Holiday Moosical"

Their enthusiasm
and pride in their work filled the room with smiles and laughter. Thank you
to all the students for working so hard to help Marty the Moose fly, as well as
to Ken and Simone Fieldhouse for dedicating their time and talent to make
this production extra special. It will always be in my memory as a one-of-a
kind holiday concert! Thank you to Mrs. Christine Morton and all of the KES
teachers who worked tirelessly to practice the songs, choreography, and
scripts, as well as create set design and lighting to ensure every student's
success.A special thank you to all parents in support of the KES music
program. Understandably, Friday nights in a ski town are difficult nights to
attend a school function, and we appreciate your flexibility in making
arrangements to celebrate the hard work of students.

    - Submitted: Thursday, December 21st by Sheila Pilsmaker