Forest Fridays with Pre-K

They gather at a meeting spot in the woods where they have snack while sometimes listening to a story or book. Often times, students spend their time in the woods exploring the surroundings and using their imagination. This play-based learning concept allows opportunity for higher level play where students automatically take on roles, make decisions, and problem solve as a group. For example, last Friday the students found a fallen tree in the woods. They used their imaginations to fabricate the tree into a plane and spent at least 10
March 5 Town Meeting/Voting Day/No Classes
April 1 End of Third Marking Period
April 15-19 Spring Recess/No Classes
May 7 Spring Concert @ 6pm

minutes trying to "clean out the engine valves" with a stick used as a screwdriver. Other times they have used teamwork to move a downed tree from their special spot. These activities build stamina in perseverance, a necessary learning characteristic. Pre-K teacher, Ms. Jodi LeBrun, may also design Forest Fridays to meet particular objectives or as an extension to classroom lessons. Examples include a scavenger hunt for creepy crawlies, color hunts, leaf sorting, gross motor skills activities, and using senses, such as listening, seeing, and smelling to create a 5minute mindfulness exercise. With the onset of snow, pre-K can look forward to making sugar on snow with maple syrup made from sap gathered from trees on the trail and boiled down in the KES Sugar Shack by fourth graders.

    - Submitted: Tuesday, November 20th by Sheila Pilsmaker