Gone Fishin'

The weather was exceptional
and the fish were hungry making for a
perfect derby day. There were plenty of
hamburgers and hotdogs to be had for all
those hungry anglers to keep their
strength up while competing for the most
fish in 20 minutes (I think the winner
caught 16!), the longest and the smallest
fish in 20 minutes, and everything in
between. Thank you to The Foundry at
Summit Pond owners, Chris and Missy
Karr, for the generosity of planning and
hosting this entire event and naming
KES as the benefactor. Your continued
support is very much appreciated.
Special thanks to the KES parent group,
especially Rebecca Claffey, for
supporting this event and the many
others that benefit our school.

    - Submitted: Wednesday, June 14th by Sheila Pilsmaker