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Killington Elementary School
Guidance Program Guidelines 


The School Counseling (Guidance) Program in effect at Killington Elementary School is in compliance with the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) National Model for effective school counseling programming.  This model addresses the four quadrants of foundation, delivery, management and accountability. 


The foundation of our program is student centered and is to be made available to, and supportive of, all students of KES.  This comprehensive approach addresses the academic, personal, social and emotional skills necessary for each student to realize his/her own potential for lifelong learning.

The delivery of our program is comprehensive and made available school wide.  The guidance curriculum consists of structured, developmentally relevant lessons for small group and whole classroom units. In addition to curriculum based programming, we offer individual student counseling and planning, responsive services, and systems supports to school personnel, parents and community.


Management and accountability of the school counseling program at KES relies on  the creation and continued use of a guidance “action plan” (year long curriculum), addressing competencies across the standards.  Time management is accounted for via EPSDT quarterly coding, and can be viewed in the “Data” section of this webpage.  In addition, School Counselor performance is to be evaluated by KES administration, based on standards in alignment with the ASCA National Model; which outlines basic standards of practice expected from school counselors.

                                  In effect, our goal is to help students with:
                                              1.   Establishing personal goals
                                              2.   Developing future plans
                                              3.   Decision making skills
                                              4.   Communication skills
                                              5.   Life skills
                                              6.   Attitudes and Behaviors
                                              7.   Character values
                                              8.   Self- knowledge and worth
                                              9.   Social skills
                                            10.  Conflict Resolution skills



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