Hats off !

Led by Grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Amy Simonds, student council has taken on the tasks of implementing a holiday food drive to stock the local food shelf, selling winter and baseball hats, and designing a brochure to promote KES during the Killington World Cup. Mrs. Simonds has been instrumental in guiding students through the design process of recognizing a need, brainstorming a solution, and putting a plan into action to satisfy the need. It is not unusual for Mrs. Simonds to anticipate a need before it becomes a problem and implement a solution with ease. Recently, Mrs. Simonds' grade 6 class was working with a Cricut on a project in the newly created Makerspace, formerly the computer lab. Recognizing the potential need for more Cricut devices, Mrs. Simonds applied for and received a grant through the Woodstock Union High School Endowment Fund for the purchase of two Cricut devices. The acquisition for two more Cricuts will provide hands-on learning to more students during each STEM class and create greater collaboration among learners. Please join me in recognizing Mrs. Simonds for her self-direction and initiative, innovative thinking, and willingness to explore deeper learning opportunities that directly benefit student outcomes.
If attending the World Cup at Killington over Thanksgiving Break, be sure to visit the KPAA tent and pick up a brochure designed to promote KES. Mrs. Simonds was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and running. KES will also be selling hats and t-shirts sponsored by student council along with magnets and other school promotional items. Thank you, Mrs. Simonds, for your dedication to KES!

    - Submitted: Tuesday, November 20th by Sheila Pilsmaker