KES Policies by Topic

Policy Name Code Date Adopted
Policy Maintenance, Board Membership, & Board Procedures    
Board Member Conflict of Interest A1 3/21/2014
VSBA Code of Ethics for School Board Members A1-R  
Board Member Agenda Preparation and Distribution A20 5/11/2004
Board Meetings A20A

5/8/2007 reviewed 9/11/2007

Public Participation at Board Meetings A21 5/11/2004
Board Commitment to Non Discrimination A22


The Role of Policy A30 1/11/2005
Policy Development and Adoption A30A 1/11/2005
Policy Dissemination, Administration & Review A30B 1/11/2005
Board Member Education A31 2/8/2005
Board Goal-Setting & Evaluation A32 1/11/2005
School Visits by Board Members A33 2/12/2008
Board Relations with School Personnel A34 5/6/1997 reviewed 9/11/2007
Substitute Teachers B1 8/1/2014 amended
Volunteers and Work Study Students B2 12/5/2014
Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace B3 7/23/2015
Mandatory Drug Alcohol Testing: Transportation  Employees B4 7/23/2015
Harassment of Employees B5 12/11/2007
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act B6 5/12/2016
Tobacco Prohibition B7 1/19/2017
Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment B20 8/8/2000
Professional Development B21 5/16/2014
Public Complaints About Personnel B22 11/13/2007
Job Descriptions B30 12/9/1997
Educator Supervision & Evaluation B31 4/8/2008
Personnel Files B32 5/20/2008
Resignations B33 5/8/2007
Paraeducators B-d14 11/13/2007
Subpoenas Bd15 5/9/2006
Student Records C1 1/19/2017
Student Alcohol and Drugs C2  1/17/2014
Transportation C3  12/10/12
Limited English Proficiency Students C4  2/13/07
Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs C6 11/11/1999
Student Attendance C7 12/20/2013
Pupil Privacy C8 5/8/2007
Nutrition and Wellness C9 3/14/2006
Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying  C10  11/10/2015
Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying Procedures C10P   
Student Conduct and Discipline C20 8/15/2007
Search and Seizure C21   1/11/2000
Nutrition C23 (F10) 8/9/2005
Admission of Non Resident Tuition Students C25 7/13/2004
Head Lice C27 (F17) 1/9/2007
Student Medication  C30 11/14/2006
Admission of Resident Students C31  9/14/2004
Student Assessment C33 5/10/2005
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse C50 (F8) 4/13/2005 
Grade Advancement; Retention, Promotion, and Acceleration D2 1/15/2003
Gifted & Talented Students D2A


Internet Acceptable Use D3 3/22/2013
Animal Dissection D5 3/22/2013
Curriculum Development & Coordination  D20 10/11/2005
Educational Support System D21


Field Trips D30 6/12/2007
Selecting Library Materials D31 10/10/2006
Selection of Instructional Materials D32 6/10/2008
Local Action Plan D33 6/12/2007
E.School Community Relations    
Community Use of School Facilities E20 6/13/2005
Community Use of School Facilities Procedure E20A  
Public Solicitations/Advertising in Schools E21 7/6/2005
School Community Relations E30 7/6/2005
Parental Involvement E31 7/6/2005
Visits by Parents, Community Members, or Media Interviewing, Filming, Videotaping, Recording E32 6/13/2005
F. Non-Instructional Operations    
 Head Lice  F17  1/9/2007
 Fiscal Management & General Financial Accountability  F20  5/20/2008
Financial Reports and Statements F21 4/8/2008
Restrictive Behavior F26 7/6/2005
Budgeting F30 09/11/2007
Emergency Closings F31 4/8/2008
School Crisis Prevention & Response F32 9/9/2008 reviewed 11/19/2010
Risk Management F50 (E4) 6/10/2008
Safety and Security of School Facilities F51 (E6)  3/8/2005
 HIV F33  2/14/2006
Ski Day Policy F29  11/14/2006
Ski Release  F29A  
  Ski Day options  F29B  
 Dress Code  F50  3/11/2008
Wellness F28 3/14/2006
Prevention of Bullying of Students F30  2/15/13
  F50 9/19/1999 reviewed 3/11/2008
Use of Copyrighted Work G2 3/11/2008
Complaints About Instructional Materials G6 5/10/2005
Special Education G10 6/13/2005
Independent Educational Evaluation 
Internet Acceptable Use G11 3/22/2013
Animals G12 3/14/2000  reviewed 11/19/2010
  G13 12/20/2013
Annual School Reports H6 6/13/2005
Capitalization of Assets H10 10/14/2003