The Kindergarten Program

All lessons are connected to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards. 

Language Arts: Through the use of poems, nursery rhymes, songs and children’s books, the children are engaged in shared and interactive read alouds. They have rich discussions regarding the author’s purpose and activate prior knowledge to make connections to the literature. The children will be making several books throughout the year and taking home emergent reader books to practice reading at home.            

During writing, the children are learning their letters and letter sounds through Handwriting Without Tears and the Slingerland Method. The children write in their journals daily with increased expectations monthly. They express their thoughts through drawing and will be able to write multiple sentences to accompany their drawings by the end of the year.  

Math: Using the Investigations Math Curriculum, games and manipulatives, the children have many opportunities to count, explore and play with numerals. The children work on building their number sense, counting and cardinality throughout the year in fun and engaging ways. We focus on “math talk” and being able to vocalize what we see as we problem solve.

Science and Social Studies: Our science units are inquiry based monthly topics covering observations and experiments. In social studies, the children study aspects of the world around them starting with family, friends, school and community.

Socialization: The children participate in Morning Sing with the whole school as well as Morning Meeting in the classroom. They also engage in social play through recess and free time during the school day. These activities foster positive interactions with peers, encourage choice and self expression, strengthen problem solving and important social skills.

Big Friend, Little Friend: This program provides regular opportunities for sixth graders and kindergarten children to come together for academic and co-curricular activities.

Forest Fridays: Starting Friday, September 30th, we will be spending our Friday afternoons in the woods studying nature through our five senses. We will explore, journal, and reflect on our learning. We will go out rain or shine, unless the weather is below zero or there is lightning. We have class raincoats and pants to wear.

Homework: The children will have monthly homework calendars with a variety of activities to choose from. They will choose to complete three or more activities weekly and will be responsible for turning in their calendars every Friday to be checked. The children are also encouraged to read with an adult every evening for at least five minutes.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns about your child.

Thank you for your time and support!


Jodi LeBrun, Kindergarten Teacher