Kind Hearts At KES

Therefore, KES is wasting no time in preparing to be more kind to each
other during the month of February. Students will challenge themselves to
complete as many acts of kindness between February 5th and February
14th. A checklist of acts of kindness will be given to each student on
February 5th. Whoever turns in a list with at least 10 acts of kindness
checked off will display a brightly colored heart in the cafeteria with their
name on it. The reward: students will create a kinder place to work and
play at KES.

A special thank you to Nancy Hagge and her group of sewers for helping
us to remember to be kind by making beautiful hearts to hang on our trees
outside the school. The various colors brighten up our winter days and
bring joy to our hearts!

    - Submitted: Friday, February 2nd by Sheila Pilsmaker