Multi-Tiered System of Supports

There are three main tiers of
supports. First, universal instruction, otherwise known as best practices in
general classroom instruction. Second, differentiated instruction, also
classroom instruction but with accommodations, such as pre-teaching, reteaching,
and extra practice for mastery of skills. Third, specially designed
instruction to match students' strengths to specific tools and strategies
recommended for learning. KES has designed a schedule to incorporate a
30-minute block each morning, 8:15 - 8:45, in grades 1-6 to target the
multi-tiers of instruction and learning in math and reading. Students will
work independently or in small groups with other students based on skill
levels, not necessarily within their own grade level. The goal is to target
instruction to teach skills to mastery, as well as to encourage a higher level
of thinking resulting in an increase in positive student outcomes.
Please make every effort to have your children at KES on time in the
morning to ensure they do not miss this valuable learning.

    - Submitted: Friday, October 20th by Sheila Pilsmaker