National Ski Area Association Safety Poster Contest

Students "Know the Code" for safety very well as it is
greatly emphasized before and during the nine weeks of the Trailblazers
Program. Congratulations to our top three winners of some fantastic
prizes, including a helmet and goggles for the first place winner. Those
winners are: 1st place - Sophia Randolph, 2nd place - Jacob Legayada,
and 3rd place - Schuyler Hagge. Winners were announced after the Talent
Show on February 16th and the top winner was entered into the national
contest with a March 2nd deadline. Thank you to all of the students who
worked hard these posters. The judges certainly had their work cut out for
Thank you for supporting KES!
A big thank you to the KES community for supporting our school budget at
the recent March 6th Australian Ballot vote. Many folks attended the
school and town information sessions on Monday, March 5th, ensuring an
informed voting public.
Congratulations to Laura McKenna on her election to finish out the KES
school board term through June 30th. As of July 1st, the new Windsor
Consolidated Union Board will replace local school boards with Jennifer
Iannantuoni and Jim Haff representing Killington. We are most fortunate to
have two dedicated and informed representatives at the helm as we
transition to this new direction.
Meet Mr.

    - Submitted: Friday, March 16th by Sheila Pilsmaker