One School One Book

Sponsored by PEAKS (formerly
May 21
Free Parenting Class
Children and Self-Esteem
5:30 - 7 PM
July 1 -26
Summer SOAK
KEEPERS), each student will receive the same book to read with their
family at home. Allong with the book there will be a reading schedule to
follow beginning 3/25/19 through 4/8/19. Several times each week during
Morning Sing, students and teachers will engage in a mini "book club"
discussion and answer trivia questions. Your child(ren) won't want to miss
Morning Sing and opportunities to share their thoughts on the previous day's
reading and a chance to win prizes. We'll reveal the book selection on
Monday and send home books and resource materials with students via
back packs.
Thank you to PEAKS for inspiring us to seek out this special "community of
readers" project as well as for sponsoring it. We can't wait to share this
experience with the whole school! All parents are welcome to attend the
launch at 8:10 on Monday when we reveal the book and meet the author

    - Submitted: Wednesday, March 27th by Sheila Pilsmaker