PBIS Celebration and Principal's Lunch

They celebrated with a dance party led by Mrs. Knipes in the kindergarten room. These 15-20 minute snippets of time to share positive vibes not only celebrate positive behavior but permeate the overall school climate with joy and happiness. These two ingredients are the foundation for a successful learning environment. Keep sending in those white stars from home. They make a difference!
On Wednesday I was fortunate to have lunch with students who were nominated for exemplary models of respectful, responsible, and safe behavior for the past month. Those students were: Trinity Maxham, Abigail Reed, Hailey Stevens, Elliot Namkung, Iyanna Amos, Spencer Claffey, Christian Bisceglia, Tobe Smith, Jake Decicco, Kaitlyn Burres, and Matthew Harvey. Ice cream and cookies always top off our luncheons. Congratulations to all of you!

    - Submitted: Friday, January 25th by Sheila Pilsmaker