Here is a link to my tech website. It will describe some of the projects the students are doing.:

Below is an excetional Scratch project by Mac Abrams, also known as Solar802. The assignment was to create a project showing parallel lines. You will need to allow Flash Player to view the project. Click the green flag to trigger the animation.


The 5th and 6th graders have been creating virtual snowflakes on the site, The files have been sent to the WCSU High School NuVu Lab to be laser cut with their new laser machine. It has been an awesome collaboration. Our contact is Mr. Andrew Smith, Math and Computer Science HS teacher. Our student contact is Magnolia Rice, graduate of Killington Elementary. Some of the snowflakes are being sold at the Supervisory Union. Below is a photo Mr. Smith recently sent to me.

There are several screencasting apps for your Mac, Chromebook and iPad.  Below is an example of Screencasting using Book Creator. Book Creator is an iPad app. The books is exported to Vimeo, and the you can share the html code as I have here, or share a link to the video for someone else to view on their device.

Math Book with sounds from KES on Vimeo.



The Hour of Code for 2016 is approaching. During the week of December 5-11 all grades at KES will have the opportunity to participate in this annual event.

In past years we have created virtual holiday cards. STAY TUNED.

I have been joyfully busy creating projects using the Makey Makey along with Scratch. I hope to be collaborating with classroom teachers and teaching the KES students how to create these project boxes very soon.




LegoWeDo from Killington Elementary on Vimeo.

Hour of Code Project from KES on Vimeo.

Kaitlyn Burres coded this snowflake animation. The assignment was to create 3 separate snowflakes, and make them move up and down. Later, Kaitlyn added some interesting special effects.